P.O.S "SYKE v2" T-Shirt

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"You really think a president would represent you?"

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Three years into his presidency, Barack Obama has not only unapologetically continued the most corrupt, unjust and inhumane policies of the criminal Bush term–in many cases his administration has exacerbated them.

After the disastrous escalation of the Afghanistan war, the ramping up of drone attacks and targeted killings in Pakistan and Yemen, the financial and political backing of murderous governments, the revolving door corporate cronyism circling through key Obama cabinet positions, the further dismemberment of the Bill of Rights with the signing of the NDAA and expansion of the domestic surveillance state as well as the unabated support for Bush's "War on Terror", it's more than fair to say that the Obama regime has blood all over its hands.

Furthermore, the federalized crackdowns and aggressive police state repression against the Occupy Wall Street movement reveals that the only time this leadership advocates true "change" is when it fits within the establishment mold.

Continued broken promise after broken promise, people are waking up to the Obama campaign's empty rhetoric and are starting to acknowledge that true change and hope can only be sustained through strength, love and peace–not a corporate marketing campaign based on fear and financed by corrupt banks and bloodthirsty military contractors.

Written by Abby Martin of Media Roots