Image of Burn It Down (12" Vinyl) - Sims

Burn It Down (12" Vinyl) - Sims


Here at Doomtree HQ, we’re not in the habit of dubbing our own work “collectible.” Rings a bit presumptuous. But if you’re the type to meticulously tweak the track lighting to better showcase your display of sequential rare releases, snag this one with a quickness. We’re pressing a limited run of Burn It Down 12 inches in advance of the full-length from Sims, which will hit stores on February 15th. (His full-length album is called Bad Time Zoo and it’s a beast. [Pun not intended, but then recognized, and immortalized in this webstore copy.])

The vinyl package includes a download card for all tracks plus the brand new "Burn It Down" music video directed by Isaac Gale. “Burn It Down” is the first single from Bad Time Zoo. “Introduce Myself” and “My Go” featuring Slug are released here or the first time. Album art by Adam Garcia.  


Side A
1. Burn It Down
2. Burn It Down Instrumental
3. Burn It Down 2% Muck Remix

Side B
4. My Go feat. Slug
5. Introduce Myself
6. My Go Instrumental
7. Introduce Myself Instrumental