Ipecac Neat - P.O.S

by P.O.S

Production by P.O.S, Marshall Larada, Lazerbeak, and Emily Bloodmobile.

The first ”official” Doomtree release, this one’s still going strong.

1. Gimme Gimme Gunshots
2. Meth-Head vs. McNugget
3. Hunger Pains Three feat. Crescent Moon
4. Thatone
5. Sarah Silverman
6. Music For Shoplifting
7. Kicking Knowledge In The Face
8. Ants feat. Toki Wright
9. Kidney Thief
10. Little Kids
11. I Play The Matador (Redo)
12. Lifetime…Kid Dynamite feat. Sims
13. Interlude
14. Dead Music feat. Crescent Moon
15. Duct Tape
16. I Play The Matador (Original Redo) feat. I Self Devine