Dessa - 'Parts of Speech' 10 Year Anniversary LP (Deluxe) *autographed*

by Dessa

Celebrate the ten year anniversary of Dessa's classic Parts of Speech album with this limited-edition vinyl reissue. The Parts of Speech Deluxe Preorder includes:

- Only 500 Deluxe Pre-Order packages available

- Signed album by Dessa

- 10-year-anniversary metallic silver vinyl

- Limited edition gatefold packaging with additional artwork and poster insert

- Flexi 7" of Parts of Speech outtake “Icing Burns”

- Bandana with throwback Parts of Speech ampersand logo

- Reissue of Dessa's Are You Handsome? tiny book that came out with the original Parts of Speech pre-order


1. The Man I Knew
2. Call Off Your Ghost
3. Warsaw
4. Skeleton Key
5. Dear Marie
6. I’m Going Down
7. Fighting Fish
8. The Lamb
9. Beekeeper
10. Annabelle
11. It’s Only Me
12. Sound the Bells