Image of Rebel Yellow - Cecil Otter

Rebel Yellow - Cecil Otter


If Woody Guthrey, Doc Holiday, and the Pied Piper were looking to play a game of spades, Doc would ring up Cecil Otter.

Rebel Yellow, his first official full-length album, is Cecil is at his finest. He's a prophet turned cardshark. He's striking matches on his whiskers and lighting up your cigarette. He's buying the saloon a round, then conducting their ensemble with a loaded pistol and a whisky on the rocks.

1. The Poet Is Rapist
2. 1999
3. Rebel Yellow
4. Sufficiently Breathless
5. Boxcar Diaries
6. Down Beast!
7. Le Facteur
8. Matchbook Diaries (remix)
9. Demon Girl
10. Let Me Tell You (remix)
11. Traveling Dunktank
12. Black Rose
13. Due