Lazerbeak "Tuesdays With Lazerbeak" Screenprinted Poster

by Lazerbeak

YES!!! The first ever Tuesdays With Lazerbeak screenprinted poster, filled with the common characters found on Beak's blog every week. The usual suspects like Doomtree, TPC!, Lizzo, and Mixed Blood Majority, plus all of Beak's favorite things: Luther Vandross, Nic Cage and Denzel Washington, The Killers, TOWELS, Toyota Camrys, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Joakim Noah, Crunch Lava Cakes, Hall and Oates, Drake, Della The Dog, Penny, The Wifepiece & TWINZ, Guy Fieri, F. Stokes, Rodney Atkins, Finding Nemo, Plain Ole Bill and Arson Only, and on and on.

Designed by the incredibly talented Matt Scharenbroich and screenprinted at Burlesque of North America. White and blue ink on French Pop-tone "Hot Fudge" paper. 18" x 24".