Hand Over Fist - Mike Mictlan + Lazerbeak

by Lazerbeak and Mike Mictlan

Alright, now listen. This is the absolute last time we’re having this conversation.
There is music coming from the boiler room. You know as well as I do that when I open that door I’m going find two young men in masks talking about epic trials and the legendary triumph of the true-hearted. No, you listen to me for a minute—if you want Lazerbeak and Mike Mictlan to stay over, you’re going to have to get your grades up. Way up. New album or no, I’m talking A’s in chemistry mister. I know every generation has their icons, your dad and I once hitchhiked upstate to a Dillan concert, if you can believe that. I get it. But you know what else every generation has? Entrance exams. And electrical bills. And eventually sleep apnea. So just tonight, and only because Hand Over Fist is coming out....I’m gonna let it slide. But if your father finds out, you’re on your own my dear, this conversation never happened. Honey, don’t thank me, just show me a report card with a vowel on it. Alright, okay, you’re very welcome. I’m gonna leave this open. Lights out in an hour, deal? And I admit: it’s catchy stuff just tell them to keep it down a bit. Good night my dear. From a pigeon, to a phoenix, to a dove...

1. Hand Over Fist
2. Suicide Jimmy Snuffa
3. Clam Casino
4. SHUX feat. P.O.S
5. Wolf Tickets
6. LA Raiders Hat
7. Fire on the Watermark
8. Northstarrr
9. Butcher's Lament
10. Head Full
11. Head Fuller
12. Young Hunger
13. Prizefight