False Hopes - Paper Tiger

by Paper Tiger

This edition of False Hopes marks the debut solo effort from our very own Mr. Jonathan P. Tiger. He’s taken his years of Arkanoid addiction, crate-excavation, and sleeping while standing up and turned it all into one hell of an EP. Through the course of this disc you’ll encounter everything from delicate, rain-drops-outside-the-prison-bars ruminations to totally out-of-hand, shake-your-brother-until-he-falls-asleep would-be mega-hits. Not to mention a special guest spot from the incomparable, incontrovertible, inconsolable Dessa.
And despite the range of sounds found here, the whole thing is unmistakably the work of the one and only Paper Tiger. How does he do it? The Tiger does what he does, man, and it’s in all of our best interests to get the hell out of the way and just enjoy the show.

1. Intro
2. The Random
3. Cannonade
4. Make-Make
5. Interlude
6. Singer
7. Send Help
8. Speed Metal ft. Dessa