False Hopes - Doomtree

by DOOMTREE , Cecil Otter , Dessa , Lazerbeak , Mike Mictlan , Paper Tiger , P.O.S , Sims , and MK Larada ,

Features work from the entire Doomtree collective.

Doomtree has always looked at each new song we make as though it were a living thing— the fruit of our loins if you will. And just as it is with a child, each song takes a lot of attention, a lot of time, and a whole lot of love. When the day comes (and we feel confident that our precious little babies are all grown up and ready for a life of their own) we send them out into the world. And we hope that they make us proud.
But sometimes, sometimes things don’t go quite so smoothly. Such is life.

An amazing night out at GameWorks occasionally results in an awkward phone call weeks later and a child no one planned for. Sometimes that child turns out great, and we count our blessings. More often than not, however, the blessings are sparse and we need to weigh our options. Perhaps the “little surprise” has a heart defect. Or an undesirable finger-to-toe ratio. Or red hair. You just never know what you’re going to get when you mix it up with someone named Diamonds after three pitchers of margaritas. And so we do the only thing we can when this home full of gorgeous, gifted children is sullied by the arrival of series 2 Garbage Pail Kids: we gather the new additions in a burlap sack and quietly sneak them down to the banks of the mighty Mississippi—the great Problem Solver. Then we try to forget about it over a frosty pitcher at GameWorks.
So, friend, consider this sack-full of songs not as a true album, but rather a collection of “specials” that didn’t quite fit in with the family. They are all beautiful in their own right, but a few unfortunate idiosyncrasies (the sloped brow, the vomiting when startled, the incessant seal-clapping) have prevented them from meeting the Doomtree Family Gold Standard and making the proverbial A-team. So make sure all the protruding corners in your house are sufficiently padded and enjoy.

1. Flex
2. Knives On Fire
3. Traveling Dunk Tank
4. A Candle in Chicago (interlude)
5. Lucky
6. Veteran
7. Slow Burn
8. I Should Cut Your Liver Out (interlude)
9. Savion Glover
10. Hot Monotony
11. A Hundred Fathers
12. Check Your Tuning (interlude)
13. If & When
14. No Homeowners (Renter’s Rebate)