False Hopes - Cecil Otter

by Cecil Otter

Production by Cecil Otter, Emily Bloodmobile, Beautful Bobby Gorgeous, Lazerbeak, and Marshall Larada.

Like a cratedigging, nostalgic Johnny Cash, Cecil crafts dusty, moody beats. His lyrics–a cowboy kind of clever and profound–imply that whether or not he knows it, he's last man of his kind.

“Cecil Otter is a gruff, dusty producer/MC who's stuck firmly between the
abstract and the emotional, spilling his colorful guts all over beats that waver
between smoky post-Muggs cratedigger moodswings and Waits-ian puffs of noise.”

“The passion on Cecil’s 12-song opus employs the usual Doomtree sound —
heavy drums sprinkled with dusty samples and a whole lot of distortion.”
—MN Daily

“Best hats in Minneapolis.”
—DeeJay Bird

1. Atreyu and the Swamps of Sadness
2. City Girl (amuse-meant-to-get-her)
3. Tin Man Purrs like a Kitten
4. Chicken or the Egg
5. Blacklist
6. Travis Bickles’ Once Over
7. Old Fashioned House
8. Mom Song
9. Matchbook Diaries
10. Lakeshore Drifter
11. …Good for Once