Dessa Lipstick by The Elixery

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UPDATE: This current version of the lipstick that we have in stock is a remixed and slighlyt darker color than shown in the picture.

The lipcolor "Dessa" is now available. The color is a custom-crafted, rich, matte red. Pairs with heels or Chuck Taylors. Dessa will be donating 100% of her proceeds (20% of the profit) to the charitable organization CARE. Funds will be used to support girls’ education around the world.

This project is the brainchild of the chemist and entreprenuer Karoline Wells. She runs The Elixery, an artisan, indie cosmetic house in Minneapolis. Working out of her little lab, she formulates all of her products herself, pouring each stick of lipstick by hand. Her ingredients are meticulously and responsbility sourced, making all of her products cruelty-free. To create the "Dessa" color, she partnerened with Dessa herself, and the Emmy-winning make-up artist Crist Ballas. With some creative color ratios, Crist designed a red that could be universally flattering, even to olive tones.

Doomtree usually offers an incentive to pre-order-ers. For this project, Dessa will donate an extra dollar to CARE for every pre-order placed through If you’d like to learn more about their Power Within educational program, click here. (Educating girls can effect whole societies. Educated girls are likely to raise smaller families, make more money, and participate politically. They’re also less likely to be infected with HIV.)

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